• 9 Hole Competition

• Submit as many cards as you want

• Same handicap conditions as before

• Same cost: $10 Members, $15 Non-Members




• Monday to Thursday

• Keep your Handicap for the Entire Week

• Chance to win multiple vouchers:

                                                         - Winner ($30)

                                                         - Runner Up ($15)

                                                         - Run-Down ($10)

                                                         - Lucky card + Boozer's Ball

• Handicaps Readjusted after Thursday’s competition

• No pin shots (hence extra Lucky Card)


Commonly asked questions:


Q: Can a player win multiple vouchers for any given week?

A: Yes. A player enters their name into the book and pays for each round (envelope with number and amount). This entitles the player to all available vouchers offered for that week’s competition.


Q: What happens to my handicap if I play three times in a week?

A: Your handicap remains the same for EACH game during the week. After Thursday, handicaps will be adjusted accordingly.

  • Halved for a win

  • Quartered for a run-down


Q: What happens to my handicap if I win and also get a run-down?

A: Your handicap is initially halved, then a maximum of 1 x quartered for any number of run-downs.

See example below for M. Jarroush. Sporter’s Handicap (12)


Card 1: Monday             32 Net:  Run-Down

Card 2: Tuesday             28 Net: Winner

Card 3: Thursday (am)  36 Net:  Nothing (just a $4 fine towards the 3 Put Club)

Card 4: Thursday(pm)   29 Net: Run-down


Readjusted Handicap:

  • After the win:                 New handicap = 6 ($20 Voucher: goes to 3 Put)

  • After 1st run-down:                      New handicap = 4½ (plus another $5 voucher: also to 3 Put)

  • After 2nd run-down:         New handicap for following week = 3½ ( $5 voucher)


Q: Can I use my normal Golf Link Handicap?

A: No. A Sporter’s handicap will require 3 games to determine an average handicap for Sporter Competitions. During this interim period, players are still eligible to win the Lucky Card and Boozer’s Ball vouchers.


Q: What’s the maximum number of games I can play?

A: Write your name down, pay your fees, have a card signed by you and your marker, put the card and fees in to the box, and play as often as you want.


Q: What happens if I play before the clubhouse opens?

A: Grab an envelope from the “Honesty Box” (outside the clubhouse), write your name down, pay your fees, keep a copy of the receipt, and place the envelope in the honesty box. Your name and number will be recorded into the Sporter’s book. Once you have finished, have a card signed by you and your marker, put the card into the honesty box.

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